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Q: How will I know if I need hearing aids?

A: Having to ask people to repeat themselves or listening to the television at higher volumes than normal can be signs of hearing loss. The best way to determine if you need hearing devices is to schedule a hearing evaluation.


Q: Will hearing aids return my hearing to normal?

A: Unfortunately, permanent hearing loss is irreversible. However, hearing devices will make your hearing loss much more manageable. You will see a significant increase in the quality of your hearing experience within days after receiving your first pair of hearing devices.

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Q: Can I get by with just one hearing aid?

A: Hearing loss usually affects both ears. There are certain cases where a patient would only need one hearing device, but that is far less common than needing two. Wearing two devices can often allow the patient to differentiate sounds better. It also provides a greater sense of balance.


Q: How much do hearing devices cost?

A: The cost of hearing devices depends on a variety of factors such as the style, your personal degree of hearing loss, and the types of features and circuitry included. After your hearing evaluation, we’ll sit down with you to determine the best devices for your needs and budget, and we’ll walk you through your insurance options. Remember, hearing devices are an investment in an improved quality of life.

Q: How long do hearing aid batteries last?

A: Typically, batteries last about one week. You can help extend battery life by keeping your devices’ battery doors open while not in use. All of our hearing devices come with a four-year supply of batteries.

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