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Hearing Myths

Myth: Hearing aids are too expensive.

Fact: While some hearing aids can be an expensive investment, our office carries a large selection of products to help you hear your best and stay within your budget requirements.


Myth: Everyone will notice I’m wearing hearing devices.

Fact: Hearing devices have truly come a long way. They’re now designed to be sleek and discreet pieces of technology. People are more likely to notice a person who always needs statements repeated over a person wearing hearing devices.


Myth: I only have mild hearing loss. I don’t need a hearing aid.

Fact: Any form of hearing loss should be treated seriously. In fact, people who confront their hearing loss as early as possible by utilizing hearing devices can improve their overall happiness and can lessen their risk of developing other health concerns such as dementia, heart disease, and more.

Tinnitus Relief

Myth: Hearing aids will make my ears feel plugged up.

Fact: Older devices may have given wearers a plugged up feeling in their ears. However, today’s styles are created to prevent this.


Myth: I have tinnitus and hearing aids can’t treat that.

Fact: Many of today’s advanced hearing devices offer tinnitus therapy to help soothe and alleviate the ringing, buzzing, or whooshing sensations.

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